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The Cambelt is a vital part of your engine that connects moving parts allowing the engine to work, a little bit like the chain on a bicycle. Put simply, imagine you are riding a bicycle when the chain comes off or breaks. The end result is that you stop! It's the same with a cambelt on a car. The difference between the two is that a bike chain is easy to replace and does little damage if it breaks or comes off. However, if the cambelt breaks or comes off, it can cause severe damage to your car's engine which, in turn, will lead to an expensive repair bill. As cambelt failure can cause extensive damage to your engine manufacturers give specific intervals for their replacement. These intervals are based on either mileage or time, eg. 60,000miles or 5 years, whichever comes first. If you ignore these intervals your cambelt will eventually break.

We recommend you replace your cambelt in accordance with your vehicle manufacturers specification to avoid potentially expensive repairs. To find out when your car needs a cambelt and how much it will cost call us now on 01978 854599. Price start from £59 fitted plus VAT.